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eCommerce Delivery Survey

The delivery of mission critical eCommerce related IT projects has never been so important to retailers, yet many organisations struggle to deliver new features and solutions with high quality, at a fast pace.  Meanwhile many organisations offer the promise of “Agile Delivery” as the panacea for the challenges of IT project delivery, yet these projects are often beset with late delivery, budget overruns, poor quality code deployments and inflexible working practices.  Agile delivery done properly can transform your IT delivery capability by integrating your business, IT development and testing resources into a single team using automated testing and continuous integration to deliver new features seamlessly to your customers.  The benefits are clear; speed to market, quality improvement, visibility of developer progress, reduced project risk, flexibility to adapt more easily to change, project cost reduction and more direct business engagement in IT delivery.

So what do we know about Agile practices in the Retail space? “We are an Agile business” we have all heard this expression. And I call it an expression not as to belittle businesses that think they are working in an Agile way, more to point out that what they really meant to say was “we work a little bit Agile”.  There are many businesses who are revered for working in a true Agile fashion out there, there is no need to envy them but let’s start to be more like them. Agile has been proven to have cost efficiencies and provide better working conditions and practices for people who are a part of an Agile business.  However, we feel little is known about the challenges of adopting the working practices that actually allow Retailers to benefit from being Agile.  It’s not easy to be fully Agile, you need commitment from your people and the business (easier said than done), you need the right processes in place (“but that’s the way it’s always been done”!) and you need the right tools, it’s not just about post-it notes and stand-ups!

So we’d like to understand more about the adoption of these working practices. How do we actually deliver new functionality to our customers? Does working Agile cost more or less money. Does it increase output, or does it slow things down? How is it received by the workforce? What does good look like? At eComp we have a theory about why Retailers are not able to take full advantage of Agile and why projects using Agile techniques can often fail, but we’d like to prove that theory by conducting some research within the Retail community.

We have compiled a short survey that will allow us to understand what’s going on with your current development practices, the good, the bad and the ugly! I would kindly ask that you take 5 minutes out of your day to click on the survey below and let me know what your business is up to. You can remain anonymous (and in any case we definitely won’t refer to your organisation within the study) however, if you let us know your contact details we will include you in a prize draw to win an iPad Pro. We will of course also send you a copy of the detailed findings of the survey.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Here is the survey link:

By Lewis Williams

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