eCommerce Trends 2017

//eCommerce Trends 2017

eCommerce Trends 2017

People keep asking me, “come on tell me what’s going to trend in 2017”?

I have read a number of different articles from different sources who are predicting anything from seeing the end of Black Friday & Cyber Monday to Real Time Customisation Technology.  All of it interesting.

So I’ve had a think, dusted off my Magic 8 Ball and given it a good shake, so here goes…

We recently ran some research around Agile development, it’s still ongoing and we’re getting some fascinating data (on which I will report back to you in full in the New Year) – but for now I wanted to share a snippet and as such make a few predictions on what I think could happen in our industry during 2017.

  • The majority of online retailers are using a Waterfall approach as their main project delivery methodology. We already know the importance in these changing times of online retail that everyone must deliver – deliver business value – deliver quality – deliver on budget – and deliver on time!

So, it may surprise you that 70% of retailers who are using a mix of delivery methodology are delivering less than 25% of their projects on time. In comparison 90% of retailers using Agile Scrum deliver up to 75% of their projects on time.

Prediction 1 – Retailers are going to put their best foot forward and start working in an “Agile” way.

  • Retailers are starting to realise that their current website and platform capabilities are not fit for purpose moving into the next few years. We are already hearing from a multitude of retailers around their thoughts in regards to ensuring that their sites, applications and platforms are future proof. What worked well 5 years ago just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. It’s a big thing to have to undertake, however, they know the future of their business rests upon it.

Prediction 2 – we will see a major uplift in retailers sniffing around different vendors seeing what they can and can’t get for their money.

  • In-house versus Outsourced – this one has been bandied around for some time now. Does Outsourced actually save money? Does it save time? Does it improve the quality of work and is it more efficient?? There always seems to be two very distinct sides to this argument.

I won’t offer my thoughts, however, I will offer the facts.  As mentioned above we asked a number of top retailers a series of questions around their IT delivery.  And the results speak for themselves….30% of retailers are delivering more than 75% of their projects on-time and they are the ones that have an in-house IT function.

Final prediction: we will start seeing more and more UK retailers bringing development work back in-house due to the business critical nature of eCommerce and trading platforms as well as to improve the speed to market for new applications and features.

I guess we will have to wait until this time next year, to see if my Magic 8 Ball is reliable!

Here’s the link to the Retail Enablement Survey if you have not completed it as yet:

By Lewis Williams

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