Research shows Retailers lack automated testing

//Research shows Retailers lack automated testing

Research shows Retailers lack automated testing

As we have written previously eComp conducted some research in Q4 2016 looking at the business and IT challenges the top 500 UK retailers were having with eCommerce development. Specifically, we looked at whether the development teams were in-house or outsourced and then we started drilling down into the types of project challenges that these guys had.  The full research will be presented at a breakfast seminar on 7th March (EVENT LINK) along with key presentations from Long Tall Sally on their  journey to bring a development team in-house and industry experts identifying the lessons from using Agile methodologies alongside DevOps to improve the quality of delivery.

The research results were striking in a number of areas, most notably that almost 75% of retailers surveyed conduct mainly manual functional testing during the development process.  This leaves a huge amount of scope to optimise the testing process and improve the speed and quality of delivery with relative ease in our view and should be a key focus for delivery heads in 2017.  Interestingly again, 75% of those surveyed used a mix of delivery methodologies including Agile however responses to areas of the research which looked at testing approaches, release frequency and code quality suggested a lack of Agility. We will be honing in on these points and others when we present the research on 7th March as we make the case for installing DevOps capabilities into development teams.

If you are unable to join us please email me ( directly for a copy of the research, which we will be distilling into a White Paper for release in the next few weeks.

By Mark Adams

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