How to bring eCommerce Development In-House using Agile & DevOps

The delivery of mission critical eCommerce related IT projects has never been so important to Retailers, yet many organisations struggle to deliver new features and solutions with high quality, at a fast pace.  Meanwhile many organisations offer the promise of “Agile Delivery” as the panacea for the challenges of IT project delivery, yet these projects are often beset with late delivery, budget overruns, poor quality code deployments and inflexible working practices. We needed to understand more about the adoption of these working practices in IT development. How do Retailers actually deliver new functionality to their customers? Does working Agile cost more or less money? Does it increase output, or does it slow things down? How is it received by the workforce? What does good look like?

At eComp we have a theory about why Retailers are not able to take full advantage of Agile, why DevOps is difficult to implement in certain IT environments and why projects using Agile techniques can often fail. To prove that theory we conducted some research within the Retail community.

Our research identified a number of key themes which we highlight in this blog post. You can read the full research report in our white paper.

In-House Vs Outsourced Development

There is a mix of approaches but which are the most efficient and what capabilities do they exhibit?

Development issues that cause the most pain

We’ve identified issues ranging from late delivery, irregular releases, code deployments that fail and releases breaking existing features but what are the issues that genuinely cause the most pain and to whom?

Speed to Market

We know speed to market is a key differentiator for many Retailers but how long does it take the Top 500 Retailers to specify, sign off, develop and release new functionality?

Automated vs Manual Testing

The level of testing automation is a real issue for the majority of those surveyed but just what is the impact of a manual approach and why should Retailers be looking at automation?

Team Collaboration

Does it really matter where your business, development and testing resources are located?

Agile vs Waterfall

Whilst there has been widespread acceptance in recent years that Agile has many benefits over the Waterfall delivery methodology, did we see any difference in the success of projects using these approaches?

Download our research white paper now for all of the answers

By Mark Adams

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