Improving IT delivery with Agile and DevOps

What you need to know about how Agile & DevOps can transform your eCommerce delivery.

Our belief is that for certain types of development it is mission critical for Retailers to begin bringing development in-house from the point of view of gaining control back of their technology investment, gaining higher throughput of new features, and ultimately engaging more directly with their customers. The widespread adoption and refinement of Agile methodologies and DevOps means that this is now possible whereas before this was considered, for some, only viable through the use of third party integrators who specialise in this field.

We conducted extensive research into the development practices at our clients as well as undertaking formal research into how the top 500 UK retailers manage their development IT delivery function. The research has been condensed into an easy to read format in our white paper and can be used to help support the business case for bringing IT delivery In-House through the use of an Agile delivery methodology combined with DevOps.

Download this white paper to understand:

  • How UK Retailers manage their eCommerce Development today
  • The key challenges in IT delivery and the impact this has
  • How Agile & DevOps used together can improve quality, speed to market and delivery efficiency

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