How to implement a winning B2B eCommerce strategy

//How to implement a winning B2B eCommerce strategy

How to implement a winning B2B eCommerce strategy

Find out how to develop a successful B2B ecommerce strategy
The B2B eCommerce market globally is estimated to be over twice the size of the B2C market in terms of total sales value, and that’s with many B2B companies yet to make the move to an online sales channel. This situation won’t last long given that implementing a self-service B2B eCommerce channel has shown to reduce the cost to serve customers and increase customer spending, which is why another 50% increase in sales is predicted for B2B eCommerce over the next 5 years.

To get in on part of this growth opportunity many B2B businesses are currently taking on the task of launching a new eCommerce channel, or otherwise improving and modernising an existing online presence.

Key considerations to take into account for selecting an eCommerce platform provider, whether launching a new online presence or upgrading platform to gain access to improved performance and functionality.
Fundamental B2B eCommerce business requirements and how they will impact your eCommerce platform, ERP system, CRM systems and the rest of your IT ecosystem.
How to address the challenge of increasing customer expectations in the B2B space being led by the vast developments made in B2C eCommerce over recent years.
B2B eCommerce system integration challenges and approaches, specifically focusing on ERP and CRM integration points.
Platform and Systems Integrator evaluation guidelines for companies beginning the RFP process for selecting a new B2B eCommerce platform.

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