Case Study: project and technology audit for a specialist Men’s Fashion Retailer

Project and Technology Audit & Rescue

Our client had recently undergone an extensive re-build of their eCommerce solution with tighter integration to their back office ERP and POS systems. On launching the new web platform the site was beset with severe trading difficulties including a substantial drop off in both visits and conversion along with a number of regular outages. eComp was called in to Audit the solution to identify exactly where the problems were and what action needed to take place in order to stabilise the platform and recommend an immediate and medium term plan to improve site performance, usability and conversion.

Solution Audit Challenge

The technology provider was under extreme pressure to fix the issues as sales were declining, customer loyalty impacted and conversion in free-fall. Our job was to uncover the issues which had led to these problems and support the technology provider to fix them as quickly as possible. We conducted a detailed assessment of the site performance issues reviewing the core platform and development framework, customised code and integrations. We also reviewed the activity of the development team and the governance process for development fix and release. This detailed technical analysis led us identify the main problem affecting site performance and also the bottlenecks which were stopping the development team making quicker progress on the triaging and fixing of key issues.

Usability and SEO Practices Review

Whilst technical problems were mainly responsible for the stability of the infrastructure and eCommerce application they were not the root cause for the steep drop off in visitor traffic and conversion. We conducted a detailed Usability Audit and SEO Audit, which helped identify the key difficulties customers were having with the site. Our report prioritised the issues and provided recommendations for immediate and medium term improvements which the developer could focus on.

The Result

The Audits were conducted within 7 business days of our engagement and resulted in three highly detailed reports with actionable tasks that the client and site developer could focus on with immediate effect. Site performance was focused on first and the plan to improve SEO performance and usability was put in place. Within two weeks from our engagement the client was able to resume SEO and Adword campaigns, reported bugs were driven down an acceptable level and the client had complete visibility on what needed to happen over the next three months to improve conversion and optimise the site. We also identified the need for more robust project governance from the supplier and we continue to work with the CEO and his team to improve the site and the performance of the platform supplier.