IT & Software Contract Negotiation

We have helped our clients negotiate between 30-60% discounts on pricing from
initial RFP to final contract

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Successfully negotiate software & IT services contracts

We are specialists in IT & software service contract negotiation with software vendors, system integrators and cloud hosting providers having conducted dozens of negotiations on behalf of our retail clients. Our experience with vendors such as IBM, SAP, Oracle, AWS, Google, Microsoft, Adobe and Salesforce has been developed over many years with both SaaS and On-Premise contracts.

Our value add however is not just about ensuring your software contract negotiation is conducted with professionalism and the best commercial and legal skills but that we negotiate 100% in your interests at all times. We call this “going to war” for our clients and whilst the negotiation and outcome must be win-win, we mandate that our clients sign up to contracts which:

  • Provision the best quality service and best price.
  • Prevent the acceptance of standard terms and fees post initial contract term
  • Are flexible allowing for the portability of services and software when required
  • Offer the right level of SLA’s appropriate to the service or software being procured
  • Liabilities and warranties are sensible and not entirely one sided
  • Ensures vendors have skin in the game contractually to ensure successful deployment

We have helped our clients during their pricing negotiations resulting in some serious wins:

Supported a global grocer with an eCommerce platform contract negotiation, which resulted in a 50% discount on the first submitted price.

Supported a leading fashion retailer with delivering over £1m in savings on outsourcing to a 3PL over the five-year contract term.

Supported an independent retail specialist with a 60% reduction in TCO on software and implementation services for their digital transformation programme.

Supported a retailer with a 30% price reduction on warehouse management software and services between final shortlist and contract signature.

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