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Improving your IT project delivery and team performance

We believe that Retailers need to take control of their IT delivery, whether you are a £ multi billion organisation or a small pure play eCommerce operator. eCommerce now sits at the heart of the customer experience across multiple channels which means greater control and ownership over your delivery capability is going to be critical to your success. By taking control we mean the capability to release new features to your customers on-demand without the reliance on 3rd party resources and processes. To do this Retailer’s need to transform their IT delivery organisations in terms of the people, process and tools used and move towards a high quality, highly efficient way of working that empowers your people to deliver new features at speed.

At eComp we help Retailers through our Delivery Enablement service to reduce the reliance on third party system integrators and application support providers using an Agile delivery framework with state of the art DevOps. We support the skilling up of your people, introducing best practice development processes and the tooling to manage and automate the delivery pipeline. We ensure more control, lower cost of ownership, faster development and more regular releases of new functionality to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Today most Retailers are moving their eCommerce and customer facing business applications to the Cloud. This provides the perfect opportunity to introduce new ways of working that deliver real value to your business.

Let eComp support your delivery transformation with:

Moving your business applications to the Cloud ensuring greater agility, upgradability and maintainability

Develop and mentor your team in Agile thinking, the Agile process and integrated Agile tooling

Reduce the reliance on expensive third parties that often add little value and encumber you with legacy processes and ways of working

Implement DevOps for maximum development efficiency, code quality control and automation of the release process

Find out how eComp can help you improve your IT Project Delivery performance

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