Digital Transformation

As Digital Transformation Strategy experts, eComp will help you put in place the right technology, strategy and processes so that you can create and implement a winning omni-channel retail experience.

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We are eComp, Digital Transformation Strategy experts

As Digital Transformation Strategy specialists with over 20 years’ experience, we help retailers create and put in place outstanding omni-channel IT and retail strategies. As consumer behaviour changes, it’s vital that your company meets the expectations of the 21st Century shopper. That’s why eComp empowers your business with the right business processes and technology, so that you can increase your ROI and sales online and in-store.

eComp focuses on enabling your teams to implement your business, IT and eCommerce strategies, giving you greater control over your IT and eCommerce projects. That way you can create an effective and seamless customer experience across channels that will help you retain your customers and improve your sales.

eCommerce strategy services

eComp helps you transform your business by developing and implementing winning ecommerce strategies. Our work includes reviewing your organisational team structures, IT infrastructure and application, and optimising your integration process.

Auditing and benchmarking

We help you audit and benchmark your digital customer experience from conducting personalised SEO and usability audits to mapping your customer experience strategy across channels.

IT Strategy services

  • Strategy definition & implementation
  • Business transformation programmes
  • Proposition development
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Solution design
  • Commercial modelling

Skills & Resources

We supplement your skills and resources with battle tested project resources that can quickly add value and fulfil short term resourcing requirements, as well as supporting you on ad hoc projects.

Enabling your organisation

We optimise your internal technology processes by implementing proven best practices that are tailored to your culture and business objectives.

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