Technology Due Diligence

Understand the key capabilities and risks with systems, people and processes with
our technology due diligence service when acquiring or selling a business.

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We are eComp, the technology due diligence experts

Our technology due diligence service allows potential acquirers and organisations undergoing a trade sale to understand the key capabilities and risks with systems, people and processes. We look in-depth to evaluate key business systems such as ERP, WMS & Logistics, eCommerce, Store/POS, Finance and Reporting. Our focus is to understand the inherent capabilities and risk or risk mitigations for your commercial contracts, business scalability, maintainability, continuity and portability. The output of our due diligence is structured towards the needs of the due diligence but typically results in a detailed report with recommendations for mitigation & improvement.

We have worked at the sharp end of eCommerce, deploying and supporting eCommerce technology for nearly 20 years. Unlike some consultancies working in this space we have actually sold and acquired technology businesses so understand the key risks and issues when going through a commercial and technology due diligence process.

eComp will advise you on the most important aspects of the due diligence process such as:

Are their processes in place allowing systems to be properly maintained, scaled, recovered, developed, ported?

Do the commercial contracts you have in place for your business systems provide the right level of flexibility, cost efficiency and service levels?

Are the systems and processes in place aligned to a best practice standardisation methodology?

Are the resource skills and capacity aligned to the technology and commercial objectives of the business?

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