Technology Evaluation

From e-commerce platforms to point of sale systems, find the best retail technology and service partners for your company with eComp.

Helping you evaluate the best retail technology

To build a true customer centric retailing experience across all channels, we help customers select the best retail technology and services partners for their business. This includes core technologies such as e-commerce platforms, point of sale systems, ERP and extends into mobile, personalisation, social media, warehouse management, finance and business intelligence.

Our differentiator is clear, the founders come from a technology strategy and consulting background in the eCommerce space having founded and built one of the most successful eCommerce implementation firms in Europe. We have worked at the sharp end of eCommerce, deploying and supporting eCommerce technology for nearly 20 years. We understand how software vendors and system integrators license, sell, commercially contract and deliver projects. That’s why we are able to help you address the key elements involved in selecting the right technology and service provider for your business from start to finish.

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eComp's experience is absolutely invaluable in the selection process to ensure:

Your business and technology requirements are robust and cater for the ongoing change in the retail industry.
You go out to the right software vendors and partners based on your strategy, internal execution capability and budget from day one.
Your software and services contracts and terms are flexible and are expertly negotiated to ensure best price and service provision.
You properly evaluate the vendors using state of the art selection methodologies, sophisticated business tooling to compare capabilities, costs and to de-risk your technology strategy.

Find out how eComp can help you select the best retail technology for your business

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